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From January 2015 to December 2016 I worked with Enfants Terribles Magazine as a Contributing Editor. Enfants Terribles in a European children’s fashion magazine with a focus on creativity and playfulness. I contributed writing and photography to the magazine, in addition to writing posts for the blog and curating Eco-Choice selections. Selected contributions are noted and linked below:

Gloucester Mass Nico Nico CLothing Hippie in Disguise   Issue 12: Best Friends Forever (May 2016)

  • Family Portrait: The Morrall Family, pp. 177-188

Sen Mushroom Fairy Hippie in Disguise   Issue 11: Creatures of Light and Darkness (December 2015)

  • Children’s Voices: On Life and Death, pp. 46-59
  • Family Portrait: The Loeks Family, pp. 186-195

Ro Dress Hippie in Disguise Mimobee   Blog Post: Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good

“My daughter, Ro, loves animals, all of them. Cute kittens, tiny insects, slimy frogs, moody old dogs, frightful angler fish. All animals. When she read that axolotls had been voted the least cute animal on the planet, she set herself the mission to redeem their reputation. She researched the axolotl, its habitat, its unique qualities. She made adorable drawings of the dear axolotl to win its favour with her friends. She did school projects on axolotls, incorporated axolotls into her stories, and generally talked them up to whoever would listen.” Read more…

image   Issue 10: Imagine Education (September 2015)

  • Children’s Voices on Education: Forest School, pp. 50, 56-57.
  • Label Crush Interviews with Paade Mode and Luv Mother, pp. 196-203

Enfants Terribles Magazine   Issue 9: The Travel Journal Issue (June 2015)

  • Travel Tales, pg. 13
  • Label Crush Interviews with Poppy England and Feather Drum, pp.86-93.

Hippie in Disguise ro and sen Chassin Rideau Canal   Blog Post: City Adventure: Seeking the Unexpected

“While I love to expose my children to the busy pulse of the city, the alleys, the tall buildings, the crowds — all that big city stuff that can be a crash course in socialization, I also love the unexpected, and so I want Ro and Sen to learn that the city doesn’t have one setting or one pace. Expect and seek the unexpected. If we can guide our children toward positive experiences with the unexpected, to learn that the unexpected is often exciting and beautiful, and that there is always more than one setting, more than one facet to any space, place, person, or thing, then maybe they will hold on to those open minds they were born with.”

Hippie in Disguise China Town Ro and Sen Chassin   Blog Post: City Adventures, Impermanence and the Rhythm of the Seasons

“I want my children to come to know that there is an abundance of nature to be found in the city. But if we only ever walked down Main Street or drove to get to the places we visit they might come to think that we live in a concrete jungle. We don’t need to drive 20 miles to an apple orchard or a petting farm or to a “Nature Path” to spend time in nature, with plants, animals and waterways, these are all within walking distance, if you find the right path.” Read more…

Hippie in disguise for Enfants Terribles Magazine Earth Child   Issue 8: The Earth Child Issue (March 2015)

  • Label Crush interviews with PopUpShop, Bandit Kids, and Resurrected Threads. pp.183-192
  • Photography for Resurrected Threads, pp.189-192

Hippie in Disguise Ottawa River   Blog Post: Kindness, Creativity and Connection

“As a mother my priority is to develop deep and genuine kindness and creativity in my children. I’m not too concerned about my children learning maths and spelling, playing on the A-league sports team, or mastering some other ‘hard’ skill. For me, kindness goes deeper than being nice to people, I talk about holistic kindness with my children. This is means being kind to animals, to all life, including plants, and of course kind toward our ecosystem and planet.” Read more…

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