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Digital Minimalism: Essential Tips for Decluttering your Camera Roll

In the news! My friends over at Impressed App asked me to share some tips for managing our digital camera rolls.

Here’s a little sampler from my article:

“Minimalism and de-cluttering are definitely on trend, and while some of us have gotten pretty good at keeping our homes and work spaces free of clutter, digital clutter is a whole domain most of us ignore. It’s easy, right? Digital files don’t take any physical space, aside from the hard drive in our phones or computers. And with near infinite storage capacities between our many devices and clouds, it’s easy to just keep snapping photos endlessly and not worry about how many we have accumulated. Until…we want to make a photo book or print a few for our walls, then we have the daunting task of sifting through hundreds (if you are lucky) and usually thousands of photos. It’s enough to make you quit before you start.”

To find out what my super easy tips are visit the Impressed App blog here.

What tips do you have for managing digital clutter? Leave a comment below!

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