Such Wild Grace egg in hand

Slow Living: Create

What a beautiful month it was for the Slow Living Project, with our focus on creativity we saw so many inspired moments shared through the #slowliving_create hashtag. Melanie and I have picked some of our favourites to share on our blogs (see Melanie’s here). The images were not only beautiful, but more importantly captured the spirit of creativity and creation in a slow and intentional way, whether it was bringing creativity to breakfast or a simple moment on the beach, slowly working away at a creative project over days and weeks, or bringing slow intentional creativity to our time with our children.

I absolutely love the symbolism of creativity here, and goodness knows you can’t rush an egg. Photo by Leah @sangthebird

Such Wild Grace egg in hand

The slow and creative process of naturally dyed yarn and gathering flowers. Photo by Fleur @teaandfleur

Fleur Lyon

Slow afternoons mother and son collaborating in the art studio. Photo by Kaylan @emeraldhomestead

Creative breakfasts: there are opportunities to be creative all day long. Photo by Erin @ekwetzel

A creative project can take a year or just a few minutes, but it always gives back to the soul. Photo by Katrien @growingwildthings

Stunning images of slow creation throughout Faith’s gallery, demonstrating a seasoned understanding and interconnection with creativity and slow intentional living. Photo and artwork by Faith @faithevanssills



Photo by @faithevanssills

Illustration of a slow creative family, a drawing that is part of a slow artistic project to create homesteading colouring sheets. Illustration and photo by Michelle @danceypantsdisco

Like an egg, you can’t rush a flower. Patience to wait for the right day to gather flowers and creative talent to know how to bring a vision to life. Photo by Kaity @fareisle

Photo by @fareisle

Creative photography captured ‘slow’ perfectly in this stunning image. Photo by Ali @ali_dover

A slow project made from found and gathered items. When you work with what is available you can’t have a pre-determined end result, the slow creative process leads the way. Macrame and photo by Alana @alanadorothy

Stunning floral mask and photo by Mer @mer_mag. It is worth visiting this photo on her gallery because her caption captured my sentiments exactly about slow creativity and working with natural objects as art materials. Excerpt: “Nature give back to you in ways that paper can’t…nature is a living thing that shares some of its life with you…working with flowers there is a delicacy involved…a limited timeframe…[but] you can’t force nature.”

Photo by @mer_mag

Congratulations to those who were selected for the blog, and thank you very much to everyone who has added their creative moments to the hashtag. Every image left us with something to think about and some sort of inspiration. As with last month’s theme ‘explore’, there’s no reason to stop using the hashtag on your images, you never know who or what it might inspire or lead to.

Now, on to October’s theme. This month with fall in full swing in the northern hemisphere and spring bursting forth in the southern hemisphere, we wanted a theme that could capture the colour and beauty of these seasons. So, for October our theme is ‘bloom and harvest’, using the hashtag #slowliving_bloomandharvest. Please feel free to join in and add the hashtag to your images that fit the theme. As usual, we will curate a collection of our favourites at the end of the month to share on Instagram, our blogs, and *new* on our Pinterest board ‘Slow Living Moments’. If you are on Pinterest come find us there: Danielle ‘hippieidisguise’ and Melanie ‘geoffreyngrace’.

Thank you, again, and if you’d like to read about last month’s theme ‘explore’ you can find it here.

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  1. ekwetzel says:

    ^_^ I’m tickled pink to have my funny oatmeal picture featured here! Oh Danielle. I just know this next year will bring us closer together. I can see the seeds of friendship germinating even now. And–after all–isn’t relationship the slowest yet most wonderful thing to create?? Ah. And also sooooo incredibly worthwhile.


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