Slow Living Selections: Bloom and Harvest

Another month of the Slow Living Project, and another set of inspiring images has been collected — this time under the hashtag #slowliving_bloomandharvest. This past month, Melanie and I wanted to focus our slow living on the season’s changes: the harvest in the northern hemisphere and the blooms of spring in the southern hemisphere. Thank you for sharing your moments of beauty, contemplation, stillness, and connection. We were very inspired, and had a hard time choosing a small selection to share with you, so please visit the hashtag to enjoy all that was offered this month.

What I was most inspired by were the surprises in the gallery, those of you who cleverly combined blooms and harvest: reflecting on the dying bloom, harvesting flowers to create blooms in a new context, capturing the bloom of the harvest, and thinking about bloom in a broader sense: the blooming child, the blooming mind. I curated my selections for the month around notions of play, contemplation and exchange between bloom and harvest.


Geraldine @devine_tribe

Melanie’s selections can be found over on her blog

Thank you to everyone who participated this month, please join us in November as we explore the theme ‘raise’ in the context of slow living. Raise can be played with and interpreted broadly. As a parent ‘raise’ strikes a particular meaning for me, as I try to guide my children through early life. But raise can also mean to grow, to increase, to create, to give voice to, to bring to maturity, to give rise to, to awaken. Whatever it connotes for you, we’re excited to see how you are inspired to capture ‘raise’. Please share your images with the hashtag #slowliving_raise so others can be inspired.

Finally, I wanted to give an extra special thank you to Kate from A Playful Day who interviewed Melanie and I for her “15 Minutes With…” series — check it out here.


You can see other month’s themes and selections ‘create’ here, ‘explore’ here, ‘bloom and harvest’ here, ‘raise’ here,‘renew’ here, ‘love’ here.

Our Pinterest board ‘Slow Living Moments’ includes all photo selections from the project visit it here.

Thank you to everyone who shares photos and inspires us to live slowly, wholeheartedly, with gratitude. Best wishes and happy new year! xo, Danielle


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9 thoughts on “Slow Living Selections: Bloom and Harvest

  1. Abby says:

    I am so trilled! Thanks for the lovely feature. I had such a great time exploring Octobers bloom and harvest hashtag. looking forward to November. I think that “raise” will be a great way to be mindful and present with my little ones A great month to celebrate family and loved ones.

    • :: danielle :: says:

      I’m thrilled that you are thrilled, Abby! This month it was so hard to narrow down the selections, I ultimately went with the photos that combined the two ideas, and your photo was the one that inspired me to do that. Thank you for your creativity.
      I’m so glad to hear so many people are inspired by November’s theme ‘raise’ — I know you’ll have something beautiful to share. xo

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