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It’s a little dream of mine to support my family through creative work, so when I see other mothers making a go at this I get really excited for them and want to help them find success. So, when my friend Ellie told me she was developing an e-course where she would teach her crafty skills to others over the course of a year, I was not only excited to learn her creative techniques, but also to see her succeed in turning her creative passions into a sustainable source of income for her young family.

{ Long-time readers of the blog will know that I have a series on Creative Mothers and Ellie fits right into the inspiring group of women. }

Natural dyed yarn Hippie in Disguise Plant dye Creative Year


Having a modest readership here I wanted to share a little about the course with you in case it might interest you or someone you know. Sign up is ongoing, meaning you can start the course at any point in the year, but there is an early bird discount that ends December 15th

You can read all about the course on Ellie’s website Petalplum and ask her questions directly via her Instagram account @petalplum or through her contact information on her website.

Here’s a little bit about The Creative Year course that I copied from her webpage:

“Imagine a whole year learning new skills, new crafts, new techniques & connecting with a community of like-minded creatives! Connecting heart, mind & hands you’ll learn how to make things for your home, your friends, your body, yourself.

  • You’ll get practical how-tos combined with thoughtful essays on being creative & finding your voice.
  • Each month you’ll receive video how-tos as well as downloadable written & illustrated information on a different project & creative technique.
  • Some months will include more than one technique (i.e. – basket weaving will also include easy tips on how to naturally dye your raffia).
  • The activities are designed to fit around family life and are perfect for beginners or great if you want to change up your current creative makings

The aim of the course is to grow and expand your skills, but also to spend a month dedicating to one new craft at a time.

  • Each project will be a surprise, but as an example, some will be: + Raffia basket making + Natural & botanical dyeing + Fabric printing + Crochet + Stitch work + Weaving + Necklaces and more…..”

Read all about The Creative Year course (and sign up!) on Petalplum blog.

Happy making!


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2 thoughts on “The Creative Year

  1. Kizzy says:

    Sounds like a wonderful course and if I wasn’t in my final year of my degree I would be signing up. I also love to see friends grow their own businesses, its such a beautiful experience to share with them.

    • :: danielle :: says:

      Thank you Kizzy! It has been hard for me to keep up too, but luckily you can do the course at your own pace. Maybe sign up as a graduation gift! xo, Danielle

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