Truthpaste ayurvedic toothpaste

TruthPaste Toothpaste Review & Giveaway

TruthPaste wants to giveaway one jar of TruthPaste toothpaste and a copper tongue scraper to one of my Instagram followers. TruthPaste is an all-natural, ayurvedic, botanical toothpaste sourced from pure ingredients in a sustainable way. Packaging is up-cycled and recyclable. Awesome! Details on how to enter are found below.

Truthpaste ayurvedic toothpaste

Some of you know that I’ve been making our family’s toothpaste and deodorant for about a year now. I started making it because I like to be self-sufficient but also because I wasn’t sure about the ingredients in toothpaste, even in the case of organic and natural brands. For example, some natural brands contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is not healthy at all (you can read why here).

If you are still using conventional toothpaste you might want to know that many (most, or even all) of the big brands of toothpaste contain plastic microbeads for exfoliation. That’s right, you read it: plastic! So, not only are you likely to be ingesting (and accumulating in your body) some plastic beads, the rest are being washed down the drain and accumulating in waterways. Not cool! You can read more about it over on one my favourite blogs Zero Waste Chef.

My toothpaste recipe, which I need to share on the blog soon (note to self!), is a simple combination of:

It works really well and is easy to make, and so far no complaints at the dentist. I make a similar recipe for my kids, but use Citrus Bliss essential oil (think orange-vanilla creamsicle flavour) and add a few drops of liquid stevia to sweeten it.

When I recently found out about TruthPaste I was naturally quite curious to know what the ingredients were. I was really pleased to find a completely natural and healthy formulation. It is definitely superior to my own recipe, particularly because it includes colloidal silver, which is a strong, but gentle, anti-microbial liquid, so I gave it a try. Result: we all love it! I definitely recommend it to everyone.

To enter the giveaway for a jar of TruthPaste and a copper tongue scraper, visit my Instagram account (rules are explained there too) and make sure to:

  • Follow @ilovetruthpaste
  • Follow me @hippieindisguise
  • Like and comment on the giveaway photo (same photo as above) to confirm your entry
  • Tag at least one friend in the comments
  • For extra entries: Tag more friends, but please separate each friend into a different comment so that it is easier for me to make the ballots. No limit to number of friends tagged

Contest closes Saturday May 28th, 2016 and is open worldwide. Good luck friends!


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