From Minimal to Zero: My Garbage Free Journey

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Just over a year ago I interviewed the Devine Family for my series on minimalists. Living off the grid in a place with no garbage collection they had to develop a way to live that minimized garbage production. I was fascinated, all the while knowing that garbage – items that are thrown away with explicit intent of never being made useful again – is a modern phenomenon. We were making little garbage at the time, but I decided I wanted us to get to zero. So, off I went figuring out how to do that.

About a month ago, after I wrote about our experience participating in Plastic Free July, I was approached by Maximizer Magazine (a digital magazine about minimalism and simple living) to write about ways to reduce waste. I figured this would be a good place to share the story of our family’s pursuit of a garbage free, zero waste lifestyle and some simple tips for people interested in cutting down on the waste they make.

If you are interested in reading about our journey, the magazine is free to download at this link.

Update: the first issue is free, however you will need to subscribe to read issue 3, which includes my article. Sorry for any confusion!


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